Weights and Measures

As I’m sure you know, because you are all such loyal readers, Vicki and I attended Fitbloggin’10 three weeks ago.  Thanks to Roni our swag bags were full of great take homes and the sponsor booths were fab.  One of my favorite take homes was a digital food scale from Eat Smart.  The scale game with reference guide for most whole foods.  Once you weigh the food you look it up in the book and it will tell you the caloric/nutritional information based on the weight.  How cool is that?  The scale retails for about $25 and is well worth it.

Since my weight loss seems to have stalled, I’ve decided to start portioning out my food by weight again.  I thought I had mastered the skill of portion-eye coordination, but evidently not.  On Friday I declared my weekend activity goals and today I declare that I will measure out everything that I eat this week.  I’m going to be very strict about this, but let’s not go crazy here.  I’m not carrying the scale around with me and measuring my food at restaurants.  That’s just insane.

Here are some helpful tips, from me to you, on managing your portions:


2.  Purchase yourself some small food containers for packing lunches and saving leftovers. 

3.  Plan ahead.  This is key.  If you portion things before you cook them you will avoid overeating because you won’t have made more food than you are supposed to eat.

4.  Buy a bar glass that has the ounce measurements on the glass and drink from that.  This will make tracking your fluid intakes much more accurate.

5.  NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER eat directly from a food package.  Trust me here.  That whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s will be gone so fast you won’t have time to realize you are shoveling 600 plus calories of fat filled frozen goodness into your mouth.

Take a look at these common portions to help make portion control just that much easier.




Meat,Fish-cooked 3 oz palm,cassette,card deck
Cheese 1 oz. 3 dominoes,4 dice
Apple,orange 1 medium women’s fist
Canned fruit 1/2 cup light bulb
Cooked cereal,rice 1 cup(2 servings) tennis ball
Cooked dried beans 1/2 cup light bulb
Peanut Butter 2 Tbsp. golf ball
Potato 1 medium computer mouse
Mashed Potatoes 1 cup average fist
Oil,Salad dressing 2 Tbsp. shot glass
Butter,Margarine 1 tsp. 1 Scrabble tile or dice
Pasta, cooked 1 cup-2 servings tennis ball
Bagel 1-average hockey puck
Pancake, Waffle 1 DVD
Nuts 1/4 cup golf ball,1 egg
Chips, Pretzels 1 oz. 2 handfuls
Ice Cream 1/2 cup racquet ball
Egg roll, Burrito 1 small bar of soap
Cake,donut small bar of soap

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