Friday’s Goal Challenge – Week 1 Update

Well, it is Friday morning and I must update you on my week #1 goals and ask that you hit up the comments with your status.    My first week goals are going to be the same as my 2nd week goals because I didn’t meet those goals.  Remember, this challenge is all based on the honor system, so I can not tell a lie.  I made it to the gym once this week and only burned 300 calories.  I did walk the dogs twice though and burned about 250 calories on each walk.  It was just a lazy week.  I overate just about every day which doesn’t make me feel very good, but I’m moving forward.  Hopefully the last of the darn Easter candy will be gone when I get home.  On to week #2 and I’m actually going to modify my goals a little since I’m preparing for my sister’s wedding on the 17th.

Goals this week starting today April 9th:

1.  Stick to an average of 1600 calories per day.  I WILL DO IT THIS WEEK!!!!!

2.  Hit the gym 3 times this week (Saturday, Tuesday & Thursday),  Complete my 100 push-up challenge each day.  I’ve been doing wall push ups.  50 at a time.  My upper body is hating me at the moment, but I’m hopeful if I keep it up I will adjust.

This week wasn’t a total failure, I did, just this morning, get a compliment on how trim I am looking.  I was also surprised to see a 2lb loss on the scale. 

Okay ladies, let me know how you did this week and tell us your week #2 goals.



  1. Linda Devlin said,

    April 9, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    Well, like you Carrie, I fell short on goals. I had a cheat day on Easter Sunday. I had extra steak, ect and some wine. I am a little short in the burning calories department as well. I had to have a tooth pulled that has abcessed and now have infection in my bone. So, I have not been as focused on my workouts the past few days.
    I had to buy a new scale since our old one stopped working properly and the new one has me a few pounds heavier than the old. I was a little discouraged when I bought it monday but as of today I’m down 2.4 lbs so I feel great about that.
    I, too, will be keeping my goals the same and hope to be successful with them this up coming week.

    Congrats on your compliments Carrie!!!! I’m sure you look great. Have a great time at your sister’s weddding. I shall have to send my congrats via facebbok next.

  2. julie said,

    April 9, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    Well, I’m 9 days in on my vegetrian diet and most of it was actually vegan! I am diffinately feeling the detox! I feel good, but my caffine withdrawl headaches are a bitch! I don’t feel bloated like normal, but I didn’t lose an ounce!
    My goals will stay the same, but I’m going to add; YOGA & PILATES!

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