Okay…let’s give this cognitive therapy thing another try.

Cognitive therapy focuses on giving you the tools to change your thinking so you can maintain life long changes in behavior.    Does that sound just a bit desperate?  Most likely because I am.  I’ve got 75 days left until the cruise and I’m not swimsuit ready, not even close.  Several months ago (okay back in February)  I purchased the Beck Diet Solution and workbook and for several months the workbook has been in my work bag and the book on my night stand.   I’ll give myself credit for reading the first 4 intro chapters and making it to day 6, but it just seemed too simple.  LOL  I think I’ve lost a whopping 5 pounds since I bought the book and that’s just sad.

So I’m going back to the basics because I’ve noticed that I’m making a lot of poor food choices lately.  I’m not eating any meat, but I’m no longer trying to limit my dairy and that’s disappointing to me.  I’m going to look to this book to be my 12 step program for proper eating.   A little reprogramming never hurt anyone did it.

Have any of you read The Beck Diet Solution?  Any success stories that you know of? 

So here is what I hope to get from this book:
1.  Better understanding  of what drives my ridiculous sweet cravings
2.  Better understanding of how to control my ridiculous sweet cravings
3.  Ability to stop myself from giving in to my ridiculous sweet cravings

Does everyone see the pattern here?  Here is today’s lesson:
Review the Advantages of Dieting (I like to think of it as good eating and not dieting)
 – My list of reasons for losing weight:  Avoid hearth disease and other health related issues, more confidence, easier to find clothes that are stylish and fit, better overall mental health and lastly a  better sense of self control

That’s it.  That was day 1.  What’s on tomorrow’s agenda…..Commit to a Diet Plan (healthy eating plan)

I want to mention that I’m in no way being sponsored by The Beck Diet Solution.  This is something I personally wanted to try.  Mind over matter is what everyone keeps telling, so I need to learn how to make that work for me.


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  1. June 15, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    Cognitive restructuring is a wonderful and effective human science if written and implemented correctly. It has proven to go deep to address the “disease” and not just the many manifested symptoms such as anger, blaming, and self-justification.

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