The Beck Update

Today I start day four of the Beck Diet Solution Workbook.  Day 1 I reviewed the advantages of healthy eating and made a list of reasons to eat healthier and lose weight.  Day 2 I committed to a health eating plan consisting of a vegetarian diet working toward a vegan diet as well as limiting myself to 1600 calories a day or consuming 1000 calories less than I burn each day.  Day 3 I read about the importance of eating while you are sitting down.  Today’s exercise is about building your confidence and giving yourself credit for the small successes each day.  So how am I doing……

I read my reasons list each morning.  I’ve set up an outlook reminder to do this at 7:30 each morning.  I’m keeping track of calories in and calories out in my daily journal.  I’m not meeting my goal each day, but I’m coming close.  Day 1 I had a 1462 calorie deficit, day 2 only a 404 deficit and day 3 I had a 761 deficit.  I should be at a 3000 total calorie deficit, but I am at 2627, which is good for now.  I’m at 87% of my goal.  That’s a B+ right.  (See, I’m already practicing giving myself credit for the small successes) 

I never really thought that I ate that much standing up, but I noticed that after I got home from the gym, while I was making dinner, I grabbed a handful of crackers and ate them STANDING UP.  Oh no.  It got me thinking about when I do stand and eat and I realized it’s when I snack in between meals.  I always eat my meals sitting in a chair.  I need to focus on not standing when I eat so I can minimize my snacking habit.  I give myself credit for noticing this yesterday and thinking of a plan to stop it.

I am back on track with my workouts.  Monday I did a 20 minute easy run followed by 25 minutes on the elliptical for a total burn of 570 calories in 60 minutes.  Yesterday I did a 30 minute run (2 miles) followed by 20 minutes on the elliptical for a total burn of 575 calories.  My next workout is on Friday which is a 30 minute interval run and then Saturday I hope to get my husband to the gym with me so I can strength train.

Don’t forget that tomorrow we post our accomplishments for the week.  Start thinking about it, I can’t wait to read them.


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