Making the most of my staycation

Sadly this is the last evening of my staycation.  I’ve never taken a week off to stay at home, nor have a taken a week off by myself.  No offense to my mom or my husband, but I would highly suggest everyone does this at least every other year.  I think it’s important that we learn how to spend time with ourselves and enjoy our own company.  I will confess that by Friday I was longing for someone to eat lunch with, but I pushed through and enjoyed my protein bar before my last mid-day gym workout for a while.  I will also confess that I did not check off all of my to dos.  By Wednesday I realized the whole point of spending time with myself was not just to accomplish pre-determined tasks, but to learn how to “wing it” alone.

Here are 10 things I learned about myself this week:

1.  I’m not such bad company
2.  I could retire tomorrow and not be bored.  (I’d be broke and end up homeless, but I would not be bored!)
3.  I can go to a restaurant and eat by myself without feeling weird
4.  I’m capable of leaving work at work when I’m on vacation and that’s a good thing.  (I may think otherwise tomorrow, but for now I’m good with it)
5.  I enjoy doing nothing everyone once in a while
6.  I don’t mind basting in the sun when surrounded by friends, family and Tim McGraw
7.  I’m much closer to being comfortable in my skin than I’ve ever been
8.  I start an awful lot of projects that I do not finish.  Need to work on that.
9.  I actually do enjoy pedicures and got my very first one on Thursday
10.  I love my family and friends very much and would not trade them for anything

This week also reinforced that time goes way too fast.  I’ll be 40 in less than three months.  HOLY CRAP!  I don’t feel 40 and I’m sure there are numerous people who would tell you I don’t act like I’m 40, so why is this freaking me out so badly?  That’s another post I’m sure.

Aaron and I leave for our cruise in 48 days. My mission is to lose 15 pounds in the next 7 weeks.  That’s 2 lbs a week and that’s completely within my reach.

So how are you spending your summer vacation? Have you ever taken a week off to do nothing?  I hope you share your stories with us.


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  1. vvanarsdale said,

    July 12, 2010 at 11:19 pm

    Glad you had a great week off. I agree, spending time alone is very good for the soul. You really get in tune with what’s important to you and it feels good to relax. I have taken time off to be alone and I even “ran away” to the Dominican Republic, alone, after losing my job in early 2009. It was relaxing and cathartic.

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