Linda’s Simple Insights

I have known Linda for more years than I care to count.  Kids today would say she was my “BFF” when I was 15 until we lost touch in college.  I know it’s hard to comprehend, but I actually found her again using the good old US Postal Service.  This was back before facebook, MySpace or  She has amazing faith and is one of the strongest females I know.  I thought it fitting to have her do our first guest spot on WIRL…Women In Real Life.  I know she will be a regular contributor to this site and I hope you find her as amazing as I do….

 Linda’s Simple Insights

 I guess I’ll start by saying it’s been a long since I’ve put thoughts of any kind on paper but here it goes.

 I have worked as a mental health therapist for a number of years and what I have realized over the course of time is everyone has a story.  I mean everyone, not just those I saw in the office but everyone I have ever met, even myself.  We all have our cross to carry.  Some may not even know what their cross may be but know they have one or many.  In life we don’t get to pick how much in life will create happiness and what may cause disdain/anguish.  However, the one thing we should all keep in mind is that no matter how many curve balls are thrown in life we are always in the game.  We can choose to take a swing at the problem and mess up the outcome completely or we may swing and hit the problem out of the park.  Either way we have the control to pick and choose how we handle what we face.  It’s not always easy but if we use the resources available to us we may be pleasantly surprised.  I personally have a strong faith system, a great family and awesome friends who have helped me through many hard times I have had to face.

 So what if you don’t have these components in your life?

 1. Forums like this I think will offer a place to share the good and dispel the bad.  Yay for technology giving us the opportunity to spread our wings and meet new people.

 2.  Also, a key in life is to know yourself and take care of the self you know.  Explore your inner self and find what makes you happy.  Don’t depend on others to create that happiness but when they do accept it as an added bonus in life.  That way you don’t hold expectations of others and are not disappointed if they fall short because you won’t have expectations of them.  I have recently found the joy of running.  I had never appreciated it before but what a release this has been for me and when I feel my load is too heavy I run and feel the stress almost immediately lessen. 

 3.  Always stay mindful that no matter what someone has a story with more chapters than you.  For me, I feel that at 40, I am ever mindful of all that has gotten me to this point in life both good and bad.  I would like to think I have learned from mistakes made yet always willing to learn to aid in my future endeavors.  I would have never thought I’d know what I know now or that life would even have such obstacles at this stage in my life but it does.  I can be overcome with what is presented to me or realize that my situation is a drop in the pond to some.  I don’t always do that but have been doing so recently.  For example on Oprah a woman had given birth to her second child and was faced with an illness immediately afterwards that led to her loss of her arms and legs.  She didn’t wallow in self pit but got back in the game and leads a very productive life happily raising her two daughters.  Also, I am reading High On Arrival, and I have found that my life is dull when compared to Mackenzie Phillips, which I am happy about, yet have found that even those who have far more on their plates can get up to bat and take charge of their life no matter how late in the game. 

 4.  Finally, just be okay with what is….we cannot change things so go with the flow every second of every minute of every day.  We only have one shot at life so find what works for you.  I don’t know if my simple insights that have worked for me are new to you but I hope at least if you are reading this that you are in touch with yourself.  If you are and are taking care of yourself then those around you are lucky ‘cause it doesn’t work for others if it doesn’t work for you. 

Take care, God bless and I hope to read what has worked for others as I always have room to expand on new insights to help me when the going gets tough.



  1. September 21, 2010 at 9:57 am

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Robert Thigpen, Carrie Labowitz. Carrie Labowitz said: Linda's Simple Insights: […]

  2. Linda Devlin said,

    September 21, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    Nice intro Carrie…thanks. Yes that could be said of us back in the day, lol, but know that even though we may not see each other as often as I’d like but I truly value you as a person and a friend. I feel comfort in knowing you are not far away and we can count on each other for support. I’m so happy you are in my life. Have a great day!!

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