Troublesome Tuesday Tips – PMS Cravings

Yes, I really am posting about PMS cravings.  I’ve noticed as I get older the hormonal balances, or imbalances, are more severe and my symptoms are much more severe.   A bad PMS week could ruin an entire month of working out and eating right if I’m not careful.  I have a strategy for next month….plan ahead!

Step 1 – Eliminate temptation
I know that I have very poor willpower when it comes to sweets, so I’m going to do my best to rid the ice box and pantry of all processed sweets. 

Step 2 – Don’t skimp on main meals
If I plan it right, I won’t allow my body to get hungry and hopefully avoid the cravings.  I’ll be diligent in pairing protein with good carbs at every meal and add lots of veggies.

Step 3 – Be prepared
I will make sure that I am stocked with alternative snacks that will satisfy my sweet tooth if I give in.  I love greek yogurt, so I’ll have plenty on hand in the front of the ice box.  I will keep a bar of dark chocolate in the pantry broken up into one ounce portions.  If it’s ice cream I’m after, I will blend a fat free greek yogurt with some frozen berries and poof…instant frozen yogurt.  Perhaps I’ll even shave a tiny bit of dark chocolate on top.

Ladies…we’ve got this, but just in case we need some help I would love to hear how you take care of your PMS cravings.


1 Comment

  1. Linda Devlin said,

    March 1, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    cool! Way to post it 🙂

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