Finally, an all natural alternative to chips that actually taste good!

I love potatoes, all kinds, shapes, sizes and preparations of potatoes.   If I suddenly woke up and found myself allergic to spuds I don’t know what I would do.  I seriously doubt I  could survive without some type of potato in my life.  I sound a bit melodramatic I know, but I seriously love potatoes.  They are my ultimate comfort food.  Some people go for mac & cheese, but I would take a big mound of mashers any day.  My obsession with potatoes has gone so far as to crush up potato chips and sprinkle them on chocolate ice cream.  Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.  It’s the ultimate sweet and salty combo, but I digress.

Have you heard about Popchips?  I had seen a huge bag at my local Costco, but was not willing to buy a ginormous bag of something I had never even tried before and I would always forget to look for them in the grocery store.  Lucky for me they were a key sponsor at Fitbloggin’11.  Wow!  What a great alternative to your standard potato chip.  None of the grease of kettle chips and way more flavor than the baked kind.    I sampled the original, sour cream & onion, cheddar potato and sea salt & vinegar.  The sea salt & vinegar was my favorite by far.  They also offer barbecue, salt & pepper and parmesan garlic.   Needless to say I bought the ginormous bag at Costco the last time I shopped.  I really can’t wait to try the parmesan garlic variety.

Popchips are an all-natural chip.  They are not fried or baked.  They use a pressure/heat process to “pop” the potatoes.  The texture reminds me of Munchos, but the flavor is so much better and they don’t have any of that artificial crap.  They are just this great little vehicle for all your favorite toppings.   My sister’s family was in a few weeks ago and they were a huge hit.  I put them out with cheese slices, salsa, guacamole and onion dip.  I really think the sky is the limit for the original/plain flavor.  The chip itself is super sturdy so you could lay them out and top them as quick finger snacks at a party.

The single serving bags  contain about 18 chips and have 100 calories, 3.5 g of fat, no cholesterol, 16g carbs, 1g fiber and 1g of protein.  The sodium content varies by flavor but rages from 210mg to 240mg.   Each bag is 3 WW+ points.

So I’m curious, have you tried Popchips?  What’s your favorite flavor and your favorite way to top them?

Fine print:  Popchips has agreed to send me a free sample case in exchange for writing this blog.  That being said, I think you all know me well enough to know that if I didn’t really love them I would not write about them. 

On the road again….

I was home for less than 24 hours and then had to take off for Houston, TX today.  I don’t mind traveling, but it would be nice to have some home time in between trips.  I feel as though my fitness routine and eating habits really suffer when I travel.

Fitbloggin was awesome.  I was super impressed with the seminar choices this year as well as the speakers.   I still feel like an outsider looking in when it comes to my fellow bloggers, but that is my fault.  I had hoped to spend much more time reading and responding to other blogs this year, but life has this crazy way of getting in the way!  I can’t remember who said it this weekend, but they said it best by saying “Blogging is like exercise.  You have to make time for it, schedule into your routine!”

All my notes from the weekend are home in Pittsburgh, but my top takeaways (other than all the fabulous SWAG) were this:

1.  Be consistent – pick a day or two each week and write.  Stick to the schedule as much as possible.
2.  Write for me/be true to me
3.  If I want to develop a community I have to be part of the community.  Respond to reader comments and respond to my fellow bloggers.

I have to say, I’ve already followed more advice than I did last year.  I created a tumblr account, a flickr account and I registered my domain name. 

Thank you for being patient with me during the year.  I promise to be present this year and I hope you are too!

Just 3 more bedtimes til fitbloggin

This is a test post. It seems as though I finally figured out how to blog with my iPad. Soooo much lighter than lugging my laptop around.

Will I be seeing you in Baltimore this weekend? If so please be sure to say hello.

Safe travels!